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United States of America “The Land of Opportunity”

The USA is frequently referred to as “the land of opportunity”, with good reason and welcome a diverse industrial sector to provide them an opportunity of growth and success, such as;

Live Your American Dream

“Dream Big and have the courage to Chase Them”

Research & Development

Technology & Innovation

Financial Services

Consumer Goods (including F&B)

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Services

Media & Entertainment


Professional Services

Retails and Trade Distribution

Benefits of doing business in USA

World’s largest market

Nexus of Innovation

Business Funding and Support


Access to Capital

Speed and Accuracy

Dedicated Human Capital

Abundant Resources

Adaptation to the new ideas and technology

Diverse population

Talent and Innovation

Business Migration

Invest as little as $50,000 in a business & obtain US Investor Visa

Benefits of Business Investor Visa

Get a Business Investor Visa


Live and Work In USA

Unlimited Visa Renewals


Visa for all Family

Work Authorization for Spouse

Travel freely in and out of USA

Stay in USA Indefinitely

Fast processing in 15 days only

Education and Health Benefits


Take a Business Decision

How it Works

Prepare Business Plan and Documentation

Launch the Business

Prepare the US Investor Visa Application

Attend the Visa Interview

Get Business Visa Issued



Idea Validation, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, strategic planning and business launching are some of the services which we render to international investors planning to start their entrepreneurial journey in USA.

How We Can Help



Growth Analysis,  Quality and Standardization Audits, Business Advisory & Brand Consulting services help the businesses and new entrepreneurs to successfully launch the business in a dynamic market like USA.



We don’t leave our Investors alone on their life changing journey but guide and train them on optimum resource utilization and implementation to ensure the business success and longevity.



In order to reach the business maturity, we run and manage the whole business, ensure Revenue & Performance maximization and bring the business on top of its niche market.


Our time tested & strategic process of Research, Analysis, Advisory & Management brings the life to the businesses and convert the business ideas into action plan for Investors.

Investment Migration Services

Our determination is to have a result driven outfit that can conveniently address the operational challenges of modern migration. Working in an environment where the procedures and liabilities of investment migration consultants are vague and unreliable, we are working towards giving the different immigration services a new sense of direction that can make it relevant, secure and with a sense order by putting our reputation on the line and being part of your and your family’s future Investment Migration plan.

Why Choose Us?

Complexity Made Simplified

Industry Knowledge

Every business industry has its own norms. We are an expert in business management & investment migration consultancy having knowledge and carry out the process with no delay.

Business Experts

Qualified business consultants at Mahandru Associates are eager to assist the entrepreneurs and investors and navigate the challenging application process with appropriate guidance and support.

Success Oriented

Our highly experienced team will provide resettlement solutions to clients and our services are highly success oriented.


Our methods are transparent, direct and easy to understand.

Data Protection Safe

Our company makes sure that your personal data is completely safe throughout the process of visa application.

Personalized Services

with Customized Package

Every business has its own requirements and every individual has with Customized Package  its own objectives. We understand it and hence offer fully to cater  individual needs.

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Complexity made Simplified


About Us

Mahandru Associates offers bespoke service experience, rich in Business Management & Investment Migration, which simplifies complexity and is supported and sustained by long-term relationship by our valuable clients. We consistently provide informed consultations and first-class service tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Mahandru Associates is committed to provide a fusion of innovative and fully integrated industry-focused business consultancy, state-of-the-art technology, tools, seasoned and sophisticated methods tailored to actively satisfy the corporate expectations of connoisseurs in the most creative way and help business entrepreneurs improve their business portfolio, processes and performances.

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